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The Mandalay Collection by Lloyd Flanders, comes from the Original Lloyd Loom line of wicker furniture and features a distinct style and flair due to its use of a five-strand weave which gives each piece a texture not seen in any other wicker furniture collection. While this unique look does see Mandalay seating stand apart from other collections, where it remains similar is that like all Lloyd Flanders furniture, it is truly weather resistant and will not burr, crack, or fade when confronted with the elements making this collection very popular for outdoor use and display.

With a selection of deep seating and wide armed chairs, complete with loose back cushioning provided by the exclusive ComfortPlush Premium Outdoor Seating System, the Mandalay Collection maximizes your comfort as well, bringing you the luxury and relaxation one gets from any interior room seat. The choice of custom color options is unparalleled, which allows for a complete wicker set that is entirely of your own design, and each product available is offered in a variety of 24 standard or premium frame finish colors as well as a variety of fabric color/pattern options for the cushions. With these options, and a variety of seating styles at your fingertips, you can choose to create a Mandalay Dining set or a complete outdoor living room with a combination of seating options and glass top wicker tables provided by this truly American made collection.

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