OW Lee Vista Collection

OW Lee Furniture

A perfect representation of the timeless beauty and heritage that consumers have come to expect from OW Lee, The Wrought Aluminum Vista collection carries with it a sense of regality and elegance which will certainly make you feel like the King or Queen of outdoor living. This collection showcases true artisan work that is befitting of more traditional styled homes, but still maintains that modern flair, and includes a range of seating that beckons you to hours of deep-seat cushioned relaxation. The frames for these exceptionally comfortable seating options are constructed from a 6061 alloy aluminum that is both light in weight and superior in strength. This aluminum is bent by hand and forged by hammer and anvil, a centuries old technique that OW Lee still makes use of today, creating the distinctive Vista chairs with ornate, custom finials.

Each chair showcased is also outfitted with OW Lee's deep-seat style plush cushioning, and customization options for color of the frame as well as these cushions allows for you to add a touch of your own personality and style to each piece. Perfect for traditional homes, a unique look for modern homes, and possessing an all-around sense of class, and regal comfort, the Vista Collection from OW Lee exudes style and invites you into a world of elegant relaxation located right in your own backyard.

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