Patio Decor and Accessories

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Decorating the Outside of Your Home

When it comes to your outdoor living space being a perfect reflection of your personality and your home's interior decor, sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Much like an outfit may need a little extra something to make it complete, so rings true with a patio set and in both cases the key is to accessorize!

At Furniture for Patio we not only offer top brands of patio furniture, but plenty of patio decor and accessories to allow you to personalize your outdoor space and create an overall more welcoming environment for family and friends.

If it's a conversation piece you're looking for, you may be interested in our patio planters in order to showcase a beautiful arrangement of flowers and plants, or a patio fountain will certainly spark talk amongst guests as they relax to the soothing sound of gently flowing water. Ambience is another key element of any outdoor living space and we have a selection of lightning options to create any mood you desire. Our table lamps will give a more traditional lighting to your patio, while a patio fireplace will give a more cozy, almost campfire like quality to your evening lighting scheme. If its intimate you want, we have candle lanterns that will pair nicely with any bistro set, making that dinner for two a little more special.

Not only do we offer patio decor that is meant solely for decoration, but you can be organized in style too! Decorative hose holders are a great way to keep that obnoxious hose from tripping people up, and if its backyard clutter you want to hide, you may consider buying an outdoor wicker storage box. Of course not all functional patio decor and accessories are super stylish, but with a simplistic natural color to their look, our variety of patio furniture covers get the job done in protecting your patio furniture during times when it's not in use.

Going from back to front, there's no reason why your outdoor living space should just be relegated to a backyard patio. Add a little personality and style to your front porch with a door mat or personalized address plaque. We even sell decorative mailboxes so you can impress anyone who happens to pass by.

Patio decor is a fun way to keep your outdoor living space different and fresh as you can interchange different styles and types of decor throughout the seasons. From bird feeders to outdoor dog beds, from clocks and thermometers to weathervanes, at Furniture for Patio we hope you can find a few items perfect for your patio, or at the very least walk away inspired by something you found at our store.