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Patio Umbrellas for Shade Outside

The umbrella has long since been a part of any outdoor living space or patio, but has come a long way from being a fixture that had few customizable options and was a hassle to raise and lower or remove from your table. Over the years, thanks to brands like Telescope Casual and one of the leading manufacturers in patio umbrellas; California Umbrella, the umbrella has become just as stylish as your chosen patio furniture and easy to use so you can relax in the shade and enjoy time outdoors.

Because we believe your patio should be an extension of your home's interior decor and a reflection of your own personality, at Furniture for Patio we offer a selection of umbrellas that come in a variety of styles, customizable colors, sizes, and a choice of either pulley or crank system for opening and closing. Most importantly, all the umbrellas here are made with different materials for different environments so that you can make sure your shade product holds up against its natural enemies; the wind and the sun.

If you're looking for that classic patio umbrella with a touch of elegance, an umbrella with wooden pole and ribs is the ideal choice and its solid build will see that it won't waver in the wind. Of course if your patio furniture is aluminum (be it cast or extruded) you'll want to match your umbrella to your table and go with an aluminum pole and ribs. The aluminum offers a solid strength and durability, but if you live in a more windy environment, then you may wish to go with any one of our umbrellas with fiberglass ribs. When it comes to fiberglass you get a strong but lightweight material that is exceptionally flexible as well, allowing your umbrella some give, while maintaining a great amount of strength.

Another option we have at our store is umbrellas with a tilt function. The sun changes position throughout the day, so if you want to spend more time outdoors and in the shade, having an umbrella with multiple tilt angles is the way to do just that. And with our umbrella canopies coming in a range of sizes and shapes you can be certain to block out the sun for just a couple of guests, or a larger dining table filled with friends and family. Some of the shapes/styles you'll find in this section are the classic octagon shape, drape style reminiscent of those round umbrellas you see at outdoor cafes, and double vented canopies for larger tables and windy conditions.

Obviously you want your umbrella to protect you and your guests from the elements but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice beauty for function. Almost all of the umbrellas here can be custom ordered with high-quality, stylish, and colorful Sunbrella fabric. A great deal of our patio furniture has the same fabric available for its cushions and seating, so you'll be able to match your umbrella to your complete patio set. We also offer a variety of umbrella stands if you wish to have a free standing umbrella added to your patio as opposed to a table based one.

We hope you can find the perfect umbrella for your outdoor space and should you have any questions about our selection of umbrellas please give us a call or email us.