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Outdoor relaxation and laid back leisure are synonymous with two things: Telescope Casual and the Beach, so it is fitting that the company takes a trip away from patio decor and provides the consumer with its line of high-quality waterside ready Beach Chairs! Featuring lower to the ground seating (with the exception of the Tall Beach Chair) for easy get up and run to the water fun, these beach chairs are made to withstand the elements and will hold up against water and stains with a long lasting durability you can trust.

All of Telescope Casual's Beach Chairs are uniquely designed with solid wood arms, many of which include cup holders for keeping your favorite refreshment nearby, and these wooden arms are hand sanded (to avoid splinters) and double coated with a heavy duty varnish to maintain the natural beauty. These wooden arms are connected to an exceptionally durable aluminum frame, chosen because aluminum generally will not rust. This combination of solid arms and durable frame create an ultra-supportive seat for you, and the outdoor ready fabric that each Beach chair is outfitted with is weather-resistant, so it will go the distance as many times as you go to the beach. Many of Telescope Casual's Beach Chairs come with some accessory options such as canopy for built-in shade, as well as a side bag for holding onto smaller belongings should you not wish to bring a beach bag or purse with you, and the fabric material is customizable with your choice from 11 different color/pattern options.

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