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Featured here for sale is Telescope Casual's Director Chairs Collection, which consists of two styles of Director Chairs: The World Famous and the Celebrity (Named Heritage as of 2013) both of which are soundly constructed from high quality hardwood and canvas covers for support. The arms of each chair are given the handcrafted touch to insure unmatched smoothness, and iconic legs give these chairs added stability and truly set them apart from imitations. It is this comfort and stability matched with the compact folding and quick unfolding element of the Director chair that has made it so popular as it is easy to store, set up, and its canvas is tough but also gives to the weight of your body for a comfortable contoured seat.

The Director Chairs come in three heights, standard, counter, and bar, and are customizable with your choice of 4 wood finish colors (Varnish, White, Black, and Walnut) and 35 different fabric options for the canvas covers. For an additional price, these chairs can be outfitted with a special "Ship's Motif" cover, making it perfect for boating. Providing a look recognized by everyone, the Director Chairs Collection is one of convenience, comfort, and durability perfect for use in a variety of applications from personal patio space to commercial yacht, and is still used by every major motion picture company and celebrity in the industry today.

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