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One of the most popular collections and certainly one offering one of the largest selection of products, the Leeward Sling MGP Collection by Telescope Casual is the very embodiment of the company's constant efforts to create the best in casual comfort. Through innovation, dedication and design, the company has created virtually maintenance free outdoor seating that combines eco-friendly Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) with Telescope's signature sling material. The end result, all-seasons seating options that promote comfort and long lasting durability.

Featured here for sale are a variety of motion based and stationary seating options, as well as supreme (taller back) versions of several of the chairs, all of which make use of the heavy weight plastics based Marine Grade Polymer. This material contains over 30% recycled resin (which has been approved by the FDA) making it ideal for LEED homes and the environmentally conscious patio enthusiast. The furniture is not only good for the environment, but is engineered to protect against it, as the MGP frames will never crack, rot or separate and the material has zero porosity so it will not absorb water. The included sling seating is also outdoor tough, resistant to harsh weather conditions, and will contour slightly to your body while still remaining firm for support. Custom order options for the Leeward Sling MGP Collection include your choice of MGP frame finish color as well as a variety of fabric color options for the sling seating.

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