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Telescope Casual has spent years perfecting their distinctive collection of umbrellas and deliver with a variety of Market, Tension, and Drape style umbrellas perfect for providing you and your guests with a source of shade and to keep them dry from sudden rain. As you browse this section of our store, you will find a selection of some of the most popular sizes of Telescope Casual's umbrellas, all of which feature easy open (push up on ribs) and close (pull down on fabric) capabilities. This easy open and close feature is ideal for larger table settings where it may not be so easy to reach a traditional umbrella crank, and the largest of Telescope Casual's umbrellas, the 11 foot Value Market Umbrella, combines auto tilt function with traditional crank to open operation.

In addition to their unique open and close function, some of the umbrellas featured for sale here showcase a tilt function that will lock your umbrella into a desired angle, allowing you to better keep the sun out of your eyes as it moves throughout the day. These market style umbrellas along with Telescope Casual's Drape style are great for both at home use or in commercial applications as their durable aluminum poles will hold up and not rust, and their canopies are offered in a variety of outdoor grade fabric color options that will be tough against nature's harshest. Many of the Telescope Casual Umbrellas can be used free standing, but for addition style and stability, we also offer the company's selection of umbrella bases, which come in shapes like shell, square, and round, and material such as Cast Aluminum, steel, aluminum, and cast iron. These umbrellas bases, when purchased, will be matched to the color of your umbrella's frame, and combined will be sure to coordinate beautifully with all Telescope Casual collections.

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