Woodard Maddox Collection

This is the Maddox Collection from Woodard Furniture, a selection of outdoor seating and sets that is a shining example of classic wrought iron at its best. Using hand-forged techniques past down over generations and present day manufacturing processes, Maddox is constructed from the finest in iron stock and steel and is noted for the lattice (crisscross) pattern that is showcased on both the back and seat of each piece. Adding to the beauty of this collection is the use of cast finials that adorn the seating throughout, and with your choice of standard or premium frame finish colors, you can make Maddox seating reflect your own personal style as well as your patio’s overall décor.

Great for both residential and commercial applications, the Maddox Collection caters to outdoor dining and lounging with its range of seating and is offered in two distinct versions; chairs with optional cushions and seating outfitted with both plush back and seat cushions for the utmost in comfort. Woodard’s wrought iron furniture is backed by a 15 year limited warranty and proudly made in the USA.

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