Woodard Wrought Iron Mesh Top Tables

A popular choice when it comes to outdoor tables, these Wrought Iron Mesh Tables from Woodard Furniture are attractive, easy to clean, and come in a range of heights, shapes, and sizes. Offering both micro-mesh and mesh tops, these tables are constructed from only the finest iron stock and steel, chosen for its rust proof and weather resistant properties, and some require no assembly what so ever. The Ready To Assemble (RTA) mesh tables are very easily put together by the customer and can just as easily be broken down for storage when not in use making these tables not only durable but convenient as well.

Woodard Wrought Iron Mesh Tables are offered in rectangle, square, oval, and circle, and range in height from accessory end/coffee table to bar height for creating a complete outdoor wrought iron bar set. Dining height is the most popular with a number of base styles to choose from. Each product available for sale features either 9/16" 3/8" diamond mesh pattern and can be custom ordered in choice of standard or premium frame finish color.

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