Lloyd Flanders Buyers Guide

Why Buy Lloyd Flanders?

  1. Made in the USA!
  2. 100+ Years Experience of building wicker furniture.
  3. Quality, Comfort, and Reputation - Heirloom furniture that last for generations.
  4. Custom Wicker Colors. Click Here
  5. Custom Cushion Fabrics. Click Here

About Lloyd Flanders Furniture

Utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes and equipment and coupling that with over 100 years of tradition and furniture crafting knowledge has allowed Lloyd/Flanders to create the uniquely American All-Weather Wicker furniture that has been one of the leaders in the casual furniture industry for years. Through their methods and innovations, the company has been able to combine the sought after qualities of the old with new improvements. The end result, high quality wicker furniture that will go from family investment to family heirloom and be enjoyed by generations to come.

Lloyd/Flanders features two lines of furniture, the Original All-Weather Wicker Lloyd Loom, which comes directly from the patented processes developed by Marshall B. Lloyd, and the Hand Woven SUNLOOM Vinyl which was introduced by the company in 1993. Each line provides a wide selection of trend-setting furniture, with the Lloyd Loom featuring 11 collections that range from traditional to more contemporary, and the Woven Vinyl offering up 7 distinctive collections each with their own exclusive color finish. Lloyd/Flanders also features its own premium outdoor seating system known as Comfort Plush, as well a line of durable frame finishes developed especially for the Lloyd Loom all-weather wicker.

Why is Lloyd Flanders furniture so comfortable? The ComfortPlush™ Outdoor Seating System

Lloyd Flanders Comfort PlushWith Lloyd/Flanders you are not only getting high quality all-weather wicker furniture that will stand the test of time and become a cherished heirloom in your family, but many of the collections feature a cushioned seating system that is exclusive to the company too.

The ComfortPlush Premium Outdoor Seating System begins with your comfort in mind. The layered process involved in the construction of each cushion allows for maximum padding and ultimate comfort. However, part of being comfortable is having the ability to enjoy your patio furniture and its cushions, without worrying about their upkeep. Lloyd/Flanders provides that worry-free aspect of your comfort as well, as ComfortPlush seating is resilient and inherently resistant to mildew and bacteria components. To top it all off, you'll be pleased to know that the ComfortPlush Premium Outdoor Seat System is an environmentally friendly product; the cushions use BioComfort® 1.8 Density High Resilience California Fire Rated Foam which includes soy based products as a means to reduce the amount of petroleum chemicals used in production.

  • Lloyd Flanders's Spring Bond Premium Cushion Core is at the center of it all. The foam and fiber give the cushion its comfort, and your seat support.
  • Bonded to the foam and fiber wrapped core is a polypropylene jacket that is composed of 3 layers. Two layers of spun bound fabric sandwich an inner layer of meltblown fabric. The meltblown material is hydrophobic which means to "shed water." This is the material that helps to make the cushion resistant to mildew and bacteria and help to keep it dryer than most cushions.
  • On the very outside, the entire core and its SMS jacket (Spun, Melt, Spun) is a 100% polyester fiber wrap that acts as the casing for the cushion.

The ComfortPlush Premium Outdoor Seating System is proof that Lloyd/Flanders wants to be involved with your comfort in every aspect possible, and with a dedication like that, you simply cannot go wrong.

Lloyd Flanders Wicker Finishes

What is Durium? Scientifically speaking it is a melamine cross-linked thermoset baking polyester modified with an acrylic copolymer to enhance performance requirements. What that means, ultimately, is that the Lloyd/Flanders Durium finish is a high performance coating that is designed to be hard and flexible and is what helps maintain the stunning colors of your all-weather wicker furniture whether you choose a standard, premium, or antique finish.

The Standard Finish contains no distressing, (in other words no purposeful marks, nicks, dings, etc. that give the piece of furniture an aged look) and comes in the choice of more neutral, earth-toned colors.

The Premium Finish offers some distressing which is a sought after look when it comes to wicker furniture. With Lloyd/Flanders premium finishes you'll find some natural colors available as well as colors like marine blue or cardinal that provide more of a contemporary coloring style.

With an Antique Finish you get furniture that has worn areas of rub through, but no distressing, and at Lloyd/Flanders this done through a hand-rubbed process. The end result allows you to achieve the heirloom look without having to wait years and years for it to naturally occur. Currently the company offers 4 distinctive antique finishes to choose from.