Whitehall Weathervanes

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Whitehall Products brings vintage charm and hand-hammered styling to your outdoor living space with its collection of masterfully crafted weathervanes. Showcasing a variety of large, full-bodied ornaments such as the classic rooster or majestic yacht, these weathervanes are constructed from copper and brass and feature meticulous details that give them their appeal and distinction. Each product offered for sale is made readily available in either a polish copper or verdigris finish and includes an adjustable aluminum roof mount base.

With over 60 years of weathervane making experience, Whitehall weathervanes are sure to last and are also available with wall arm and floor stand mounts. The variations included will certainly allow the consumer to display their weathervane in a number of locations from backyard to rooftop and their superior durability promises a lifetime of enjoyment and use.

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